An expanded meeting between the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Duty Free and the Saudi Bank

Dr. Al-Fateh Awad, General Manager of the Sudanese Company for Zones and Markets, said that the plan now is for the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Markets to be the largest supplier of market needs in all fields. He said this when he met the Saudi Bank delegation led by Mr. Osama Ali Ibrahim, General Manager of the Bank in his office, and the Director General discussed the activities of Agricultural investment and companies offered in free zones in all fields, stressing the expansion of the absorptive capacity of the free zones. He also added, for his part, that the field is wide and open to all partnerships, Director of the Commercial Administration, Mr. Hassan Khaled Eban, that the field is now suitable for free markets, but he added that many policies restrict work. He added that the company is available for partnerships in all fields, stressing that partnerships are beneficial for both parties.
For his part, Mr. Hassan explained to the bank’s delegation that the administration had identified the financing needs in a number of areas.
The Director of Import, Ms. Amira Bakri, explained to the delegation the obstacles that stand in the way of importation, which must be removed so that the free market returns as it was before and exclusive agencies return, as the Bank noted the necessity of having branches within the free zones
The director of investment and projects in the company, Ms. Ayat Muhammad Adam, enumerated for the delegation a number of ready-made projects that will be discussed and the possibility of financing them.

The Director General of the Saudi Bank confirmed their readiness to open branches and offices for the bank to serve the investor. The Director of Marketing, Mr. Alaa El-Din Ali Othman, stressed the importance of cooperation between them and the company and work to remove banking obstacles, study projects and the possibility of financing
The meeting concluded with the formation of a joint committee consisting of the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Duty Free Shops and the Saudi Bank to prepare a memorandum of understanding and work together. It is worth mentioning that the meeting was also attended by the CEO of the bank, Mr. Youssef Hassan Ali Salem.