A joint delegation from SFZ visits GFZ

A delegation from the Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Co. SFZ visited  Garri The delegation headed by Engr. Hamdan Khalifa, Manager of the Free Zone General Directorate, Fatima Hashim Mohammed , Manager of Trade and Duty Free Shops Directorate  and Chief Executive Officer CEO of  FB for Commercial Services headed by Mr.  Fahad Bakr Bakajaber.

The visit was refocused on starting smart and strategic partnership between SFZ and FB on packing & packaging lines and provide marketing services for the products agreed between the two parties, especially after the arrival of packing and packaging machines lines in SFZ   warehouses in GFZ. The delegation is accompanied by Dr. Ibrahim Hassan ElHaj  ex SFZ manager

This activity represents a real turning point in Duty free shops service by providing goods and service with international specifications and bearing the company’s brand for distribution to the local market in the first stage and to penetrate the world of the similar business .